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    Dosing Pump Tubing found in: DOS Replacement Tubing, Replacement Dosing Tube Connectors, Doser 2.1 4 Pump Slave (Black Body), 1/4" RO Tubing Brackets - 5-Pack, Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder, Zootonic, Component 1+,..

  • Dosing Pots for HVAC systems | FLEXEJ

    All FlexEJ''s chemical dosing pots are carbon steel vessels and manufactured in the UK by FlexEJ. Our dosing pots are available on a 24hr shipping basis from our web shop, 3.5 litre sizes up to 25 litres and at great direct prices too.We also design and build non

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    Chemical dosing 28 WATER Chemical dosing 1431 wall-mounted with speed control spare parts technical data: type: MP2-R hose connector: 4x6mm maximum lift: 1.5m no. order no. pumped amount supply appliion hose type 1 361786 1L/h 230V AC rinse aid

  • Pressurisation & Automatic Dosing Unit “Dose & Fill

    dosing unit develops a fault - e.g. out of chemical. The “DOSE FAULT STOPS!” mode is selectable for commission allowing unattended filling and dosing. If chemical runs out, filling stops. EXTERNAL DOSING POT – Place the 2 m long hose (supplied) into the

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    Portable, fully enclosed Chemical dosing unit for temporary, emergency & Modular appliions 0.025—150 l/hr Telephone: 01256 819777 Fax: 01256 812836 Email: [email protected] Web: Principle A portable fully enclosed chemical dosing

  • Chemical Dosing kit Suction Side

    Chemical Dosing kit, Suction Side Product Code: FASD Print Send to a friend £ 1,170.00 Description Specifiion Resources Kit to enable a flocculant (e.g. Aluminium Sulphate solution) to be added to raw/surface water, on the suction side of

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    If a hose is used, it should be securely fastened to columns, walls, braces, etc. This will ensure that the hose connection will re-main tight and leak free. Shield the hose from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause an autoalytic reaction with some chemicals

  • pH and ORP Measuring & Dosing System

    8 9 VALVE / HOSE ASSELY DIAGRAM NECK Range -999 to +999 mV Resolution 1 mV Accuracy (@20 C/68 F) ±5 mV Typical EMC Deviation ±6 mV Input Impedance 10¹² Ohm Dosage Proportional, oxidizing or reducing, user selectable Dosing Contact

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    Dimensions: 430 x 330 x 160mm Weight 6.7 kg Mounting: wall-mounted Dosing pump capacity: 60ml/min. / max. 1bar FLOCC dosing pump capacity: 10ml/min. / max. 1bar Measuring water pressure max 1,5 bar 11. Chemical Bund Tanks

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    Chemical Bunds For Dosing Tanks Each of our Bund tanks is designed to work with one of our dosing tanks. For example – the 172701 dosing tank has a 100 Litre capacity and is designed to stand inside the 172701-bund. The 172701-Bund has a volume of 110

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    Chemical Dosing Tanks Enduramaxx’s Chemical Dosing Tanks available from 50 litres to 1500 litres. Anyone who works with chemicals needs to store them safely and these moulded PE or PP Dosing Tanks are specifically designed for use within the water treatment, purifiion, chemical dosing and storage appliions.

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    CHEMICAL DOSING UNIT The Chemical Unit is a truck, trailer ore skid mounted unit for the storing and dosing of chemicals on the well site to the Blender, Hydration Unit or any other mixing device. ACC-3 is available on liquid chemical system. This control unit operates separately

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    Protectaflex - The next generation dual contained hose. Dual Contained Chemical Dosing Hose. Manufactured in the UK by Colex International Ltd. Unit G1 Valley Way Welland Business Park Market Harborough LE16 7PS [email protected] 01858 461 100

  • Chemical Dosing and Fluid Automation - Vario Operating Manual

    use original hoses with the specified hose dimensions and wall thickness, otherwise the security of the connection is not guaranteed! Reductions in hose sizes are to be avoided! The permissible pressure stress of the hoses is to be observed. • When dosing

  • 100 Litre chemical dosing tank in MDPE with screw top lid

    The DT100 is a dosing tank with a capacity of 100 litres, designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment or process appliions, with dimensions of 495 x 700 H (mm). The 100 Litre Dosing Tank is manufactured from food grade and U.V stabilised MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene), which is rotatory moulded in the UK, to give a single piece construction chemical dosing tank.

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    PACKING WEIGHT VOLUME DIMENSIONS CODE A B C ADMLPRX 218 289 142.5 ADMLPCL 218 289 ADMLPRC 288.2 323 kg 1 1.7 0.01 142.5 1 1.7 0.01 282.5 1 2 0.03 A m³ B C 167 31. Chemical Dosing Equipment 13- ACCESSORIES A-SP • Proximity switch for modular

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    Chemical Dosing Specialists Pump Range WMPSP0110 - WMPSP0408 - WMPSP0607 - WMPSP0805 - WMPSP1204 - WMPSP1502 - WMPSP2001 Page | 1

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    Chemical hose Chemical hose is used for transportation of acidic chemical products. It is resistant to most chemicals and hostile environment with a non-stick inner surface even at high temperature. Blue color water hose with yellow wave stripe Industrial hose

  • Chemical Dosing Tanks | Chemical Support Systems

    Range of one piece M.D.P.E moulded tanks, in UV resistant foodgrade polyethylene, suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals. Tanks have a reinforced top surface for supporting electrical mixing equipment, black screw lids and graduated scale moulded into tank. Maximum specific gravity up to 500 litre tank is 1.9 Maximum specific gravity 1000 litre tank is 1.5. Please note that these

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    BlackStone Chemical Dosing Pumps Versatility BlackStone pumps have been designed to meet the ever changing needs of industry With their broad, flat base and mounting holes for tank, shelf or floor mounting (horizontal), the pumps can be easily mounted

  • Chemical Dosing: Suction Side Dosing Kit | Butyl Products …

    Suction Side Dosing Kit suitable for coagulants, flocculants and disinfection mixes. Can be used with raw water pumping into Onion Tanks and Corrugated Steel Tanks for thorough mixing. The kit contains all necessary fittings to be used with 2″, 3″ or 4″ suction

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    Pressure relief valves are designed to protect chemical feed systems from overpressure damage caused by defective equipment or deadheading. Valves are available in 1/4", 1/2", and 1" sizes in PP, PVC, PVDF and 316SS.

  • Pressure controller for precise time-pressure dosing

    Dosing example for dosing time 50 ms Type 8763 (Article no.: 328290) Parameter Value Supply pressure 2 bar (29 Psi) Container air volume 50 ml Dosing valve Article no.: 273203 Dosing time/valve switching time 50 ms Dosing medium Water Length of tank hose


    CHEMICAL DOSING Accessories and supporting material Solenoid and hydraulic pumps Peristaltic pumps Phone: +49 (0)89 745572-0 hose connector: 4x6mm dimensions: 67x95x52mm maximum lift: 1,5m pos. order no. pumped amount supply appliion

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    Omniwash Commercial Warewashing GER82D [GER80D] - Germac G82 Adjustable Rinse Aid Pump Installation Type: Internal Chemical Type: Rinse Additive Internal Chemical Tube: Silicone 4x8mm Tube Code: PD3384 Dosing Type: Adjustable via Time/Pause up

  • Portable CIP systems for industrial appliions

    Supply hose: • ¾” diameter x 50’ L chemical hose rated for 240 psi and 190 F • Polyethylene tube construction with EPDM cover, S/S MNPT E/E Our portable systems with chemical dosing on a cart features adjustable timers in the control panel. This controls

  • Accessory - Chemical tanks - EMEC

    PE tanks for chemical mixing and dosing system. With level indior. Tanks can be asseled with: metering pumps suction lances mixers feed water valve outgassing pump hose outgassing valve on the higher top side. bleed water valve Dummy holes ensure chemical isolation. Dimensions: the dosing …

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    All dosing tanks are rotamoulded without welds or internal tensions. Dosing tanks from 50 litres – 1000 litres are supplied in white as standard; tanks above this are supplied in black as standard. All our dosing tanks are made from M.D.P.E and have a split-level top for mounting agitators, dosing pumps etc, and (500 litre +) vented screw caps for safety.

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    Chemical Accurate and safe chemical dosing pumps without seals, glands or valves to corrode or wear. Products Aflex PTFE flexible hose Certa food and beverage pumps

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    Extreme chemical resistance makes Eaton industrial hose products a go-to solution for transferring easily contaminated or hazardous materials where they need to go. Gaseous Hoses Eaton understands that specialty industrial hoses need quality tubes and cover to assure safe hose life.